6 best Freeze-Dried Treats For Your Furry Friends!

Tried and Tested Nutritional Goodies Your Pets Will Adore

Remember that first tail wag your dog gave you? The way your cat purred like a tiny motorboat when you first brought them home? For pet parents like us, those moments solidify a love that only gets stronger with every happy dance and playful pounce. That’s why we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to spoil our furry companions and keep those wags and purrs going.

Get ready to meet my furry squad.

Peanut, our puppy dynamo, brings boundless energy to every walk. Felfeli, the poodle with a penchant for pouncing, keeps us on our toes with her playful leaps. And then there’s Almond, our senior chihuahua, a regal presence with a heart of gold. These three have become our personal taste testers, guiding us on a journey to discover the most delightful, nutritious treats.

But why freeze-dried treats, you ask? Well, for us, the answer is simple:

  • Packed with Goodness: Freeze-drying preserves the natural vitamins, minerals, and protein in the ingredients, making these treats a healthy and delicious snack.
  • Training Champs: The enticing flavors and textures are perfect for rewarding good behavior and positive reinforcement during training sessions.
  • Mealtime Magic: Tired of the same old kibble routine? Freeze-dried Meal Toppers or Tasty Trimmings can add a burst of excitement to your pet’s regular meals.
  • Shiny Coats and Healthy Skin: Many freeze-dried treats boast Omega-3 fatty acids, promoting a healthy coat and skin for your furry friend.
  • Travel-Friendly Treats: Lightweight and easy to store, freeze-dried treats are the perfect on-the-go companion for adventures with your pet.

After countless tail wags and purrs of approval, we’ve finally narrowed down our favorites to six freeze-dried delights. 

Dive into a treasure trove of deliciousness, as seen through the eyes (and taste buds) of our fabulous fur squad!

And now, let the drool-worthy details begin!

1. Fresh Is Best Freeze-Dried Meat Treats – Chicken Necks: Fueling Fun and Frenzies

Just like any puppy, Peanut is a ball of boundless energy. These Chicken Necks by Fresh Is Best are the perfect way to channel that energy into playtime fun. They’re a burst of flavor that turns playtime into a delightful frenzy for our furry little dynamo.

Tip: Break the necks into smaller pieces for training sessions. These protein-packed treats are not only delicious but also a great low-carb option.

2. Wild Salmon Fillets – Felfeli’s Fancy

Felfeli, our sophisticated poodle, takes treat time very seriously. That’s why the Wild Salmon Fillets by Fresh Is Best are her personal indulgence. They whisk her away to a seafood paradise with every bite.

Tip: These Omega-rich fillets are perfect for senior dogs too! They provide a crunchy and nutritious boost to keep their coats shiny and their spirits high.

3. Wild Pacific Smelt – A Delight for Canine and Feline Foodies

While our canine companions, Peanut and Felfeli, can’t resist the allure of these vibrant Wild Pacific Smelt treats, they’re also a favorite for our senior K-9, Almond.

Tip: For senior dogs like Almond who might have trouble with chewier treats, simply crumble these treats over their regular food. The burst of flavor and texture adds an exciting twist to mealtime, even for those with fewer teeth.

4. Silverside Minnows – A Splash of Fun and Flavor

Both Peanut and Felfeli get playful when it comes to Silverside Minnows. These vibrant treats are a burst of color and taste that can transform any ordinary day into an exciting escapade.

Tip: Use these treats as a distraction during grooming sessions or vet visits. The positive association with a yummy treat can help make these experiences less stressful for your pet.

5. Icelandic+ Cod Skin Mixed Pieces – Peanut’s Hilarious Hideaway

Peanut’s antics are a source of endless entertainment, especially when it comes to these Icelandic+ Cod Skin Mixed Pieces. They tickle her taste buds and keep her occupied for hours on end. Sometimes, those hours are spent hiding treats under her favorite blanket – a hilarious testament to how much she loves them!

Tip: Treats like these are excellent for dental health. They help reduce tartar buildup, giving your pup a sparkling smile and fresher breath.

6. Icelandic+ Cod & Salmon Combo Bites – Felfeli and Peanut’s Tag Team Delight

When it comes to teamwork, Felfeli and Peanut are an unbeatable duo. The Cod & Salmon Combo Bites from Icelandic+ are a dynamic flavor combination that they love to share. They tag-team, taking turns to savor these delicious morsels.

Tip: Use these high-value treats during training sessions. Your pup’s motivation will soar, and you might just witness some impressive tricks in the process!

So there you have it, fellow pet lovers! These freeze-dried treats have brought countless happy moments to our furever family. From Peanut’s playful antics to Felfeli’s refined palate, each treat has carved out a special place in their hearts (and stomachs!).

Remember to capture those precious moments of your pets enjoying these delicious treats. Those snapshots and videos are a testament to the pure joy and the unbreakable bond you share with your furry companions. Until next time, happy tails and happy trails to you and your pets!

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